Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ashley's Visit

Here's mine....sun lights :D The bird on the shoulder is a hornbill by the way. Its the iconic bird from Borneo Malaysia, where I came from.....:) -Yong-Jin Teo 

Yes the night was scary,
But, if no night, lights would not be so beautiful like this. - Max Qin (Singapore)

Jing-Cherng Wong - Singapore

Hello Ashley, this is for you :D - Edvige Faini - Singapore

Nick Tan - Malaysia

Yey, Ralph in Jelly-Land! - Jan-Hendrik Urschel (Germany)

Let's Dance! - Kobe Sek (Singapore)

 David Tailford (UK)

 Joan Trenches - that's him in the photo! (UK)

Luce Baggio (Milan)